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Amazing view of Pointe de St Hernot and Pen Hir

Cap Pen Hir 01

Amazing view of Pointe de St Hernot and Pen Hir

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Amazing view of Pointe de St Hernot and Pen Hir

It was a long time that I wanted to go for a day of hiking, to the “Ile Vierge“, another name for the tip of Saint Hernot, which is actually a small peninsula on the coast Eastern “Cap de la Chevre”, in Brittany (Bretagne).

Magnifique Bretagne from deloprojet on Vimeo.

The “Cap de la Chevre” trail is certainly one of the best hiking on the GR34 to Brittany.

St Hernot crozon-01

St Hernot Crozon

I left early in the morning, with a small backpack, my camera, some lens and Zacuto Z-Finder Pro. Zacuto’s Z-Finder Pro viewfinder  is a necessary tool for shooting sharp, stable video on DSLR cameras like the Canon.

St Hernot crozon-02

St Hernot Crozon

The scenery is absolutely beautiful, when passing on the coastal path at the base of small coves, as long as the sun is high enough to illuminate the background of clear sand and water give this pretty turquoise color.

St Hernot crozon-03

St Hernot Crozon

St Hernot crozon-04

St Hernot Crozon

So I enjoy the scenery and tranquility of this place, because it is not the tourist season.


Park at the village of Saint-Hernot (on the road Morgatcap de la Chevre) take the path that starts from the House of Minerals and rising; 600 meters further, cross the forest road, and take the first small road you see almost opposite (slightly on the left); you will reach the coastal trail 400 m further and see the Virgin Island in front of you.

St Hernot crozon-05

St Hernot Crozon

There are more beautiful pictures in my portfolio of this trail “Walk in Saint Hernot”


St hernot beach

At the end of the video, the sunset was filmed at the “Pointe du Pen Hir“. The Pen-Hir (Breton Beg Penn Hir) is a point of land that is located in the Crozon peninsula in Brittany (Bretagne, Finistere). The steep cliffs, tall, are 70 meters from the Iroise Sea, Atlantic Ocean.

Cap Pen Hir 02

Cap Pen Hir

Pointe de Pen Hir, extended at sea by the Tas de Pois is simultaneously an incomparable views and a place for walking. From there one can see the Pointe du Raz Pointe Saint Mathieu and in good weather there are even “Sein” islands “Ouessant” and “Molene”.

Cap Pen Hir 03

Cap Pen Hir

The rocks that extend the Pointe de Pen Hir, formerly named because of their shape the “Pézeaux” or Tas Hay, were later renamed “Tas de Pois”. These rocky passages, witnesses to shipwrecks, were feared sailboats on the route to Camaret. At the heart of the summer, the brown sails of sardine are pursuing abundant sardine, while bold pot vessels captured at the foot of the cliffs lobster and lobster.

Cap Pen Hir 04

Cap Pen Hir

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