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One day of hiking in Oze national park Japan

One day of hiking in Oze national park Japan

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One day of hiking in Oze national park Japan

Before going to France for a while, I returned to the Oze National Park in Japan. I wanted to do the circuit in one day instead of two days, as in the autumn of last year. The tourist season had not yet begun so the inns were all closed. This is the Japan’s largest area of highland marsh, and is renowned for its vistas of wild flowers and majestic mountain scenery. The Japanese National Tourism Organization (JNTO) states that Oze, at over 1,700 meters above sea level in places, is the largest highland marsh in Japan and is thought to have been created when nearby Mt. Hiuchigatake exploded thousands of years ago.

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Wooden boardwalks have been placed throughout the marsh allowing visitors access to the middle of it among the flowers and greenery. They are about 45 cm (a foot and a half) wide and run through the marsh. These cover a distance of more than 57 km. The national park is strict enough to stay on the catwalk to ensure safety and protect wildlife.

Wooden boards are exchanged every 10 years. If you look closer, you will see that each board is marked with a number. This number indicates the year the board was added. The path was laid with boards in most areas, so that walking is relatively easy to do on the wooden trails. Stopping places, something like very small docks with a couple of benches, can be found along the boardwalks. This is perfect for a picnic.

In the lodges you can rest and eat your packed lunch (obento) or buy noodles and ice creams. There are also public bathrooms, but there is a charge of 100 yen.

Oze has numerous trailheads through which visitors can enter the park. The trails are well maintained, and there are wide elevated boardwalks that pass over the Ozegahara Marshland and around Ozenuma Pond. It is mainly flat, so that most individuals will be able to hike easily in the national park. It is very popular among hikers, hikers, mountaineers, photographers …

The movie: Days of hiking in the Oze National Park Japan

Days of hiking in the Oze National Park Japan

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