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I tested the McDonald’s japan avocado beef toast

mcdonalds-japan-avocado-taste 05

I tested the McDonald’s japan avocado beef toast

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I tested the McDonald’s japan avocado beef toast

After reading the article on mashable asia and tweeter from Burger Business, I’m going to taste the ‘English muffin w / avocado “at McDonalds Japan.

mcdonalds-japan-avocado-taste 04

Moreover, I had discount vouchers for a menu, then why not ?

mcdonalds-japan-avocado-taste 01

mcdonalds japan

mcdonalds-japan-avocado-taste 02

mcdonalds japan avocado taste

mcdonalds-japan-avocado-taste 03

mcdonalds japan avocado taste

The Japanese description is:

mcdonalds-japan-avocado-taste 06

“On ciabatta of Motchiri mouthfeel, and sand 100% beef patty and plenty of avocado. Fragrant and thick cut bacon and grilled smoky flavor, to match the chopped onion, was seasoned with wasabi sauce. Tsunto and flavor of wasabi exiting the nose, juicy beef flavor is creamy avocado and excellent compatibility.”

I must admit that it is good, but can be for us “foreign”, we have to order 2 … otherwise it will stay on our hunger. But having a few bad reviews some Japanese blogs, I think the difference is due to the random preparing each cook  of McDonalds.

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