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Itasha japaneses cars decorated with anime girls pictures

Itasha japaneses cars decorated with anime girls pictures

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Itasha, japaneses cars decorated with anime girls pictures

By going to a Japanese food festival, happen by chance I have going to a car show extraordinary, Itasha.  An Itasha is a car decorated with Anime. Unfortunately I did not have my cameras, I had just a compact camera, but it gave me the desire to know a little more, and why not a video documentary.

Itasha (痛車, literally “painmobile”) is a Japanese slang term for the otaku fad of decorating cars with anime decal. These decorations tend to be extremely elaborate and involve everything from paint schemes to stickers. Itasha cars will always be decorated with the owners favourite manga (usually cute girls) and be adored with more visually extreme modifications including LED lights and crazy bodykits.

The term “Itasah” originated from Japan in the 1980s. Originally, it referred to imported high-end Italian cars, but circa 1990s, the meaning shifted from a slang form of “Italian car” (イタリア車, Itaria-sha) to “itai” (痛い, painful), which describes painfully embarrassing or painfully expensive nature of this hobby.

It’s a subculture of the car scene that is rarely seen outside of a few major cities in Japan. However, in recent years the Itasha style has begun to adopted by the mainstream (in Japan at least); with high profile domestic race cars combining wild designs and sponsorship tie-ins.

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