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Brest 2016, the international maritime festival. The great gathering of classic sailing

Brest 2016, the international maritime festival. The great gathering of classic sailing

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Brest 2016, the international maritime festival. The great gathering of classic sailing

I was very lucky to be staying in the city of Brest, during the famous maritime festival that takes place every 4 years. I was able to enjoy for 2 consecutive days this famous and fantastic gathering of boats from all over the world.

Here is an excerpt from the press service leaflet of this festival.

“Here it is Brest! “Is the passionate cry of all the inhabitants of the city of Ponant, proud of their cultural and maritime heritage, for whom the Rade de Brest is the first wonder of the world. As a European and international metropolis of the sea, Brest brings together every four years the most beautiful boats of the world around a week of maritime festivals. Created in 1992, they have blown 20 candles in 2012, an exceptional edition and a true communion on the quays and on the water: 9000 seafarers from 25 different nations marked by strong maritime traditions, bringing together 715 000 visitors around Of a fleet in celebration of 1,500 boats.

Moreover, we had a radiant sun during this visit: “To refresh the thousands of visitors, the organizers of Brest 2016 asked the firefighters to deploy a pipe to spray passers-by.”

Eleven distinct categories have been defined by the Brest Nautical Events team to make it easier for the crews and the public to find their way: from the great ones of the Oceans to the traditional small boats, to the old sailing ships of long traditions around Of the work of the sea, the International Maritime Fairs of Brest make it a point of honor to welcome exceptional boats which are the pride of their crews, their nation and their culture.

Yoles and sails-rowing

It is a very varied and extremely lively flotilla with its light and twirling boats coming from all over the world.

Traditional boats

A ballet of lovers of the traditional boats, which are declined according to the epochs and the customs of each country.

Old working sailboats

This flotilla brings together the sailing ships from 8 to 15 meters which used to be dedicated to maritime work: fishing, demarcation, transport … they are now pampered by their owners and testify to long maritime traditions.

Former sailing boats and large fishing vessels Once the seas in search of its treasures, these 18 to 30 meter sailing ships were dedicated to the transport and transport of goods. Everyone now has its history, conveyed by centuries of navigation and generations of sailors from the four corners of the globe.

Large sailboats of 30 meters and more

Huge sailboats from all over the world traveling the globe’s oceans with majesty. Impressive stars of enormous size!

Historical Replies

True jewels whose construction defies time, these historical restitutions reproduced with passion and fidelity make us relive the great maritime moments of the Human History.

Small classic yachting, from 5 to 7 meters

Often built by shipyards, these small cruisers or “day-boats” will rhythm the Festivities on the water, a formidable playground for these “little ones” who will maneuver deployed sails, alongside the “big” ones of the Party.

Great classic yachting, 8 meters and more Rugged and powerful carina, sharpened wings, … sailboats of the great classic yachting always offer us a bewitching nautical spectacle!

Plaisance of the 50s – 60

It was in the 1950s that pleasure boating became democratic, made accessible to all exchanges thanks in particular to the popular series of the naval architect Jean-Jacques Herbulot. Caravelle, Vaurien, Musketeer … A new way of sailing open to all!


Propelled by sometimes surprising engines, old stars, Chris Crafts, Runabouts and all the historic automotive boats are welcome alongside the classic yachts.

Racing sailboats

The public will be able to discover legendary sailboats cut for performance, which also testify to the rapid evolution of the racing sailboat. From the advanced trimaran to the boats whose innovative curves of the beginnings belong to the heritage, it is a true call to challenges and nautical competition.

And also

The military vessels of the French Navy and the flagship of the gray boats of Brest, the Bee Bourbon. Tugs, customs, SNSM, inshore and offshore fishing vessels. Scientific boats will be celebrated, such as the Thalassa of Ifremer (French research institute for the exploitation of the sea),

The Europa (a Dutch ship carrying out scientific missions), and other research units exploring the mysteries of the great blue.

Photography of the maritime festival Brest 2016 part 1

Photography of the maritime festival Brest 2016 part 1

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