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Take the time to cross the Mojave Desert road

Take the time to cross the Mojave Desert road

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Take the time to cross the Mojave Desert road

Take the time to cross the Mojave Desert. A long strip of bitumen (as in movies) edged by landscapes of yuccas, rocks, dunes. The place is as remarkable as Death Valley. The Mojave Desert is a large desert area of about 40 000 km2. It is located in the western United States, southern California primarily, but spilling over into neighboring states of Nevada and Arizona.



The Mojave desert is a sight to see.  You may think it’s nothing but empty sand but there are a lot of things going on in the desert. This simple beauty just sucks you in with Joshua Trees, vast amounts of desert as far as you can see.



It’s one of the few places where you can photograph Joshua trees. Joshua tree is one of the most characteristic plants of the Mohave Desert and extends southward to the Mohave-Sonoran Desert ecotone.  The Mojave is huge. Close to 48,000 square miles huge. With something like 2000 species of plants calling this home, this desert is anything but desolate.




Do not forget to take water, food, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasse, AAA membership with 100 mile tow and warm clothes It can get cold, goal then again it can get hot.  Just make sure you have enough fuel in the tank as gas stations may be few and far between.



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