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Movie of slice of life in Balboa park San Diego

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Movie of slice of life in Balboa park San Diego

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Movie of slice of life in Balboa park San Diego

After having visited several times Balboa Park in San Diego, I wanted to go to film some sequences in its huge green park and Spanish style buildings.

I wanted to be as a tourist with a fresh look. So I chooses, to film while being not clutter with lots of equipment, the “blackmagic pocket cinema camera” I used a blackmagic pocket cinema camera, without tripod without Accessor.



In my little camera bag, there were only 3 batteries Nikon EN -EL 20, and some SD card Extreme PRO. On my Bmpcc, I put the most basic lens Canon, EF-S 18-55 mm, without filter, with a simple adapter “Vello LA-MFT-CEF“.

The few times when sequences are a little blurry, that is when there was too much surrounding light, to view the screen of the camera.



I record the sound directly from the camera. I had let my RØDE Microphone, and my handy recorder Zoom H4N, at home. In fact, I used the Bmpcc as a camera PowerShot Cameras… The result is not always successful, but I think it’s not bad. I have shoots in RAW.


During the edition, I did not want to put background music. Thanks to the cinema blackmagic pocket camera, it is possible to blend into the surrounding atmosphere, like a tourist with a PowerShot Camera, without becoming a curiosity who films. So I think that just the sounds of alleys, terraces and walkers were the most suitable.



For the edition and the graduation of color, I used the software provided with the bmpcc, Davinci Resolve lite. 


This experience was very interesting. I will start again in other places around the world, with a slightly more powerful lens, nonetheless.


If you are in San Diego for a stay, you should definitely visit Balboa Park. There is the architecture of buildings and lush vegetation. It is a very beautiful place. The museums are interesting, according to your interests.

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