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Santa Monica pier a magical and symbolic place

Santa Monica pier a magical and symbolic place

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Santa Monica pier, a magical and symbolic place

After a meeting in Los Angeles, I go myself stroll along the Pacific, on the beach between Venice and Santa Monica, superb ! I parked the car in the parking lot of Venice Boulevard and Pacific Avenue, because I had booked a table in a Japanese restaurant, not very far from Venice neighborhood.



Santa Monica pier is magical and symbolic place with the end of the road panel 66, so you might encounter a few related souvenirs. This is a place that appeared in so many TV shows and movies, so walking along the Pier will give you amazing views from the ocean and the coastline.




There are some food vendors, there’s a small amusement park. It’s a nice walk to the end of the pier to see the ocean, the people fishing off the end of the pier, and to watch people from all parts of the world who come to this iconic place.



You can ride roller coasters and carnival rides, play arcade games, eat and enjoy the ocean and beach views. One thing of special note about the ferris wheel on the pier: It is the only solar powered ferris wheel in the world and that includes the lighting of 160,000 LED lights at night.



Enjoy the sunset in Santa Monica pier California

Enjoy the sunset in Santa Monica pier California

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