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Hodad’s Ocean Beach San Diego, the best burger ever !

Hodad’s Ocean Beach San Diego, the best burger ever !

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Hodad’s Ocean Beach San Diego, the best burger ever !

After surfing or late afternoon when I am at  Ocean Beach, San Diego, to regain strength, I go to eat at Hodad’s. Hodad’s is easily the most delicious hamburger spot that you can go to in San Diego. This place has the best burger I’ve ever eaten.



It’s in a great location on Newport Ave, very close to the OB Hotel and the OB Pier. It is worth the super long line that’s almost always waiting outside of the restaurant but it tends to move fairly quickly. The food is always fresh and hot.

Sometimes, I ordered frings (combination of fries and rings) also. The rings are perfectly crispy and the onion doesn’t slide out of the fried ring when you bite into it. Very nicely cooked. Both the fries and the rings were seasoned to perfection.




The feel of Hodad’s, it’s very laid back surfer hangout spot with a VW van jutting out , (also used as a table) out of a wall. The walls were layered with stickers and license plates all over the store. The story said: the original owner, opened up the restaurant as an old beach shack a long time ago.  He put a license plate on the wall that said “Hodad” and started offering guests a free burger in exchange for a license plate. The menu stand was an old beat up surfboard. It’s definitely a fun place to eat with the friendly vibe of the locals, the music, and the beach several feet away.



This is a San Diego institution, in California.  Everyone should come here at least once.

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