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Catalina Island Avalon a paradise for vacation

Catalina Island Avalon a paradise for vacation

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Catalina Island Avalon a paradise for vacation

Catalina is a absolute amazing place to vacation ! Situated 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, the ferries leave regularly year-round from four mainland ports (Long Beach, Dana Point, Newport Beach, and San Pedro).  The boat trip out is delightful and takes an hour. I climb aboard a Catalina Express ferry for the 1-hour ride across the sea, from Long Beach.  The island is beautiful…with many views reminding me of something out of the movie Jurassic Park.



The first thing that we can noticed was the absence of cars, trucks, and other automobiles. They were substituted by golf carts.There is a variety of those little ones on the streets, red, white, blue, gasoline driven, electric powered, noisy, quiet. They reminded me at first sight the British television series “The Prisoner” which is first broadcast in the United Kingdom from 29 September 1967 to 1 February 1968. Starring and co-created by Patrick McGoohan, it combined spy fiction with elements of science fiction, allegory, and psychological drama. The series follows a British former secret agent who is abducted and held prisoner in a mysterious coastal village resort, where his captors try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job. In the village of the series, there’s only golf car.



The main town of Avalon is one square mile. It is very easy to go everywhere on foot.  When we arrived in Avalon, we went to put our stuff at Atwater hotel on Summer Avenue and then we went looking for a place to get lunch. We found the best margaritas and sangria’s on the island at the restaurant called Mi Casita.



As we bring our wetsuits of surf, we rented two kayaks at Catalina Descanso Beach. The prices are fine for the limited options on Catalina, and the staff at the kiosk were kind an courteous. They offer bins to hold your belongings for free and will put your electronics in their booth. The location of Descanso beach is beautiful. It’s situated in calm sets of coves that allow you to venture pretty far down the Catalina coast and explore ! Paddling on the ocean is simply magical. This is such a beautiful place to take off from and we rowed quite a ways around the coast to the left. The water was so clear and glassy and we could see schools of dark fish through it and those bright orange fish that seem to be residents of the Avalon coast. We even came up on a seal, gliding so seamlessly through the water.




One evening, I go on the heights of Avalon taking night photographs of the bay. The view was magnificent.


There are plenty of great happy hours on the island. It’s a great time !

Movie “Catalina Island a paradise of Los Angeles County”

Catalina Island a paradise of Los Angeles County

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Catalina Island Avalon end of day photographs

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