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Badwater Basin is a must to visit in Death Valley

Badwater Basin is a must to visit in Death Valley

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Badwater Basin is a must to visit in Death Valley

No stay to Death Valley is really complete without stopping at Badwater Basin. Badwater Basin is the lowest point of elevation in North America at 282 feet below sea level, Badwater is surely worth a visit for one of this reason. The basin is undoubtedly grab attention for its stunning salt flats. The highest temperatures on entire earth have been measured at this place.



The low, salty pool at Badwater, just beside the main park road 18 miles south of Furnace Creek, is probably the best known and most visited place in Death Valley. Badwater never dries out completely, and even manages to support a unique species of fish – the Death Valley pupfish, a small bluish creature which has evolved to survive in the hot saline conditions.



When you’re out on the flats you might spot a salt duck. The surface of the flats isn’t smooth – it’s dried out in a sort of almost hexagonal pattern but occasionally you’ll come across a quite large lump that stands out. This is a salt duck. Park Ranger say sometime in a while it actually rains in Death Valley and as well as promoting the growth of thousands of small flowers (sometimes called the desert in bloom), it also covers the salt flats at Badwater with a layer of water that’s usually less than an inch deep. The problem is that sometimes ducks flying overhead will look down, spot this massive ‘lake’ and come swooping in to land. It’s not until it’s too late that they find out how shallow the water is and by then they’ve often damaged themselves enough not to be able to take off again. They then die on the surface, the water evaporates, the salt builds up on the ducks and they then turn into one of the lumps. You can found a salt duck simply by breaking it open – a real one will contain lots of feathers.



Far above this, Dante’s Peak has imposing views over Badwater and the surrounding desert.

Some people is they don’t realize they’re dehydrating because it seems as though you’re not sweating. You are but the air is so dry your sweat evaporates the moment it reaches your skin so you always feel dry. Take plenty of water and keep drinking it even if you don’t think you’re drying out.


Badwater Basin, despite the heat, is absolutely worth visiting. The magnificent view and the great quiet on the flats will soothe your mind and you will soon realize that the force of the nature surrounding us can create wonders beyond comparison.

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Badwater Basin, the wonder of nature in Death Valley

Sunset at the top of Dante’s View in Death Valley

Sunset at the top of Dante’s View in Death Valley

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Timlapse at Death Valley with the sunset

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